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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What to do this summer

Having a 3 year-old at home, I am always looking for something to help us get out of the house.  But during the summer, it can be super hot and not so great to get out.  I tried to jot down a few fun activities that we can do together where the heat wouldn't get to us.  Please add to the list!  By the way, my friend Sara at  Happy Brown House has a great list of Chattanooga area parks.
Here is my list:
Library (Most have summer reading programs right now)
Sprinkler/kiddie pool at home
Petting zoo at local farm
Baseball game
Boy tea party (dress up like super heroes, firefighters, etc).
Wash my car
Concerts/movies in the park
Feed ducks
Picnic in the park with friends or grandparents
Local amusement park that is kid-friendly (Called Lake Winnie)
Make no bake cookies
Visit church shut-is

If you have older kids, Family Fun's Website is a great place for ideas. T hey have all kinds of crafts for kids to do.
What do you and your kids like to do during the summer?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's for dinner

This week is going to be so great because I really only have 4 days to cook!  But here's what I have planned
Monday: Memorial Day - Friend's BBQ (Don't you just love it when people invite you over?!). She fixed baked BBQ pork chops, green beans, beats, homemade mashed potatoes, sliced tomatoes and homemade ice cream. 
Tuesday: Grilled chicken with grilled veggies (squash, tomatoes, onion and mushrooms) over rice. Strawberries for dessert.
Wednesday: Spaghetti with Allen's green beans. More strawberries.
Thursday: Chicken stir-fry (made with zucchini, mushrooms, frozen veggies and canned bean sprouts and water chestnuts). Watermelon
Friday: Turkey burgers with baked beans and corn on the cob (don't you just LOVE summer food?!). More watermelon.
Saturday - Out of town

Did you fix anything special for the holiday weekend?