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Monday, October 22, 2012

A taste of NYC

NYC is a place of variety. There are choices for everything from entertainment to religion to food. And there are many good eats. Before we left, I scoured sites like, for New York and Brooklyn and other places by neighborhood and wrote them in a little book that I carried in my purse. In that book, I also had places of interest by neighborhood, and when I could, I had subway directions. It was a really handy thing to have that we pulled out often.
There are markets all around, so if you want a fresh salad or piece of fruit, they are easily attainable.
There are also food carts everywhere during the day (by evening, these folks want to go home, but some were still out in Times Square in the evening). As you can see, a lot of fruit and veggie cart were set up, so if you wanted to eat an apple in the Big Apple, you can. There were carts and trucks for everything you could think of from burgers to kabobs to bagels and pastries.
We started out our first day in Macy's on 34th street - because I love the movie "Miracle on 34th Street." We found a Starbucks on one of the upper floors. Starbucks was all over NYC, so if that is your favorite place, you will be happy. There are several other coffee houses around as well, so if you don't like Starbucks, you have a choice - after all, it's New York.
There are well known places like the Soup Man - do you remember the "No soup for you" quote from "Seinfeld?" We didn't eat here, but if we had more time, we probably would have tried it....or the corner diner that they use to hangout in.
We did end up at this place on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village. This is a street that isn't as touristy as other places in the city. And there are really cool shops that you can get great things like vintage records, cute fashion...and food. 
We ended up here at Faicco's. I was in heaven.
We ordered the $10 Chicken Mozzarella cutlet sandwich with pesto to go and grabbed some drinks there too. Then, we headed to Washington Square Park to share our picnic. I wish I had taken a picture of the gigantic sandwich. They put four chicken breasts on my half! (No, I didn't eat it all, my husband ate three for me).

Some of my favorite moments come from just buying random food from vendors. I bought two churros from a woman with a cooler in the subway. They were a deal for $1 considering that up on the street with the carts they were $3 for just one.
 (Music in the subway)
I also had to have a pretzel from a cart. It tasted smoked pork rinds? I couldn't wrap my head around the taste because I kept having to tell myself that it was a pretzel.

On our first night, we ended up at an Irish place. The waitress was the only kinda rude person we encountered in the city. I wouldn't recommend going to this place. The portions were small and the food was just okay.
 But then, we went out to the street and found a bakery and got dessert!
The best dinner we had was off the beaten trail, but a very famous place. Katz's is known for the "When Harry Met Sally" scene where she proves that women fake...well, you know. And the woman next to them says, "I'll have what she's having."
And this is what I had...Matzo ball soup and knish. YUM! I also had a chocolate egg cream. It was...different. I'm glad I tried it, but I don't think I want another. Or maybe I will have one, but not with this kind of soup?
One of the most memorable food moments was at the Chelsea Market in the Chelsea neighborhood. I had a small hot chocolate and it was like molten chocolate without any milk. I didn't like it at first, but it soon grew on me. It was sort of pricey, but it was made with high quality chocolate and a small one was the perfect amount.
So, when in the city - taste everything. Try new things. It will just add to the memory of your time there.

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