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Monday, March 29, 2010

Super cute and easy Easter craft

I think this could be used for a baby shower, tea, etc. And later, for other holidays depending on how you paint the pot. 

Recently, a lady at church taught my women's group how to make these. She and her daughter made them for a senior luncheon. She changed it up a bit for Easter. Her pot featured Easter bunny suckers in the middle. So the ideas of what to put in the center are endless. Just chose a theme and go with it. I'm sure you could find all kinds of nifty things at the dollar store. The items we used were found at Hobby Lobby and Michael's.

You will need:
Newspaper to protect your surface
A hot glue gun
A small pot 
Piece of floral foam that will fit into the pot
Crafting paint for your pot
A sponge brush
Spanish moss
A stick 
A small clothespin
Embellishments like a little chick, little plastic eggs, etc. 

Paint your pot whatever color you would like. Paint your stick and clothespin. Let all dry.  
Place the foam into the pot. You may need to hot glue it down. Glue the moss on top of the foam and work it around the sides to hide the foam. 
Glue the clothespin to the top of the stick (we used tongue depressors). 
Now is the fun part....
Push your stick through the foam and then embellish the rest. 
Like I said in the beginning, you can use this for all kinds of occasions, not just Easter.  I can see this being used as name plates at Thanksgiving by painting the pot black and using silver paint to make it look like a buckle on the top. This could be a Pilgrim hat. 
It could be used for sorority functions, bridal showers, teas....the list goes on and on. Just use your creativity! Have fun!

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