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Saturday, March 27, 2010

God is so amazingly good. The story of Ben

Next week, on Easter Sunday, we will celebrate Ben's 2nd birthday. Not a day goes by when I don't stop to think about how God had blessed me in so many ways. Sometimes, it brings me to tears. I am often overwhelmed by His blessings.
I was entering my last year in college, when I felt a pinching pain on my right side. It kept getting stronger and stronger till I could barely walk myself to the Student Health Center. A nurse set up an appointment for me and expected it to be an ovarian cyst. Several tests and weeks later, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. 
I was so excited about getting to graduation, that it pained me to take a medical leave. But, with the help of my friends, the encouragement of my church, and the prayers of many, the cancer turned out to be stage 1. An operation that December and God's healing touch fixed me right up. 
Skip ahead years later. 
Gerald and I were in our early 30's, married for 5 years, and decide that if we are going to do the kid thing, then we need to start trying. We expected with my history that it would take us awhile. But we put it all in God's hands. If it was meant to be, it would happen. If it didn't happen, we were okay with that too. 
We got pregnant on our second try. I still remember weeping in the doctor's office when the nurse told me. She asked if it was what I wanted. It was, but I was just in shock. 
Today, I look at my silly, sweet little boy and I am amazed at how God not only saved my life, but he also created this other one. I knew in college when I came through my surgery that God had a plan for my life. A greater plan than I would know. And each day, I see it being revealed to me. 
So next Sunday, as we all celebrate Jesus. And as our family and friends celebrate Ben's birthday. I know I will be swelling inside, filled with the love of our Heavenly Father and for all He has given me. 

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  1. I loved hearing your story again. I wonder if God planned Ben's birthday near Easter for a reason. HMMMMMM.......


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