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Friday, August 20, 2010

Yellow Day

Yellow Day
Like our previous Red Day, we set the day aside to surround ourselves with yellow. Every opportunity I could think of to show him the color yellow, I would try. In the top picture, we gathered our yellow toys. He did a pretty good job until he brought me a green tractor!
Yellow is a pretty easy color to find books on. Big Bird is yellow, ducks are yellow, the sun is yellow and I picked out Curious George because of the Man with a Yellow Hat. 

Each day, to give myself a chance to cook or clean up, I put a video in for Ben to watch. Here, we have Big Bird and Curious George. 

And for snacks, I gave him Kix cereal, lemonade, dried pineapples, Funyuns.  For real food, I gave him bananas, corn and squash.
We usually do a craft on our color days. I had intended to have him paint a paper plate yellow and make it look like the sun. But grandparents called and asked to join them at the park. The park won out for the day's activity.

Have you tried color days with your kid? Or are you planning to soon? If so, what ideas do you have for books/videos for the other colors?

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