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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Iced Tea

My mom is from the South. She taught me early on how to make sweet tea. I must say, I tend to leave out the sugar and add my own sweetener. But when I have company, I add the sugar. For my friends who are from the Deep South, they want me to add even more.

Here is how you make it:
In a small sauce pan, fill 1/4 with water. 
Add 5 teabags 
(We use Lipton. Try flavored kinds too, it works well with them)
Let simmer for about 7 minutes. The water will look dark brown.
In your pitcher, fill about 3/4 full 
(remember, you will be adding more from the stove top)
Put in a metal spoon if you are using a glass pitcher like I am. It will take the heat. If you don't, your pitcher may crack 
(hot and cold mixed together will do that, the spoon prevents this from happening).
With another spoon, press tea bags against the side of the pan to get the tea out more. Then, pour the tea water into the pitcher. Discard the bags. 
For sweet tea: Add 1/2 cup of sugar. 
For really sweet, sweet tea: Add 3/4-1 cup sugar.
Mix it all up. Add ice. Serve. 

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