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Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm the one who....

I got this idea from Super cute idea. I'd like to see what you say about yourself!

Am I the only one who...
doesn't bother to unwrap Smarties. I just uncurl one end, put it in my mouth and slide the candy out through the plastic. 

can never remember how to spell:  restaurant or definitely
and I can't remember the correct way to use affect and effect

thinks Mr. Noodle and his brother on
Sesame Street is super ANNOYING. On videos, I skip this part.

would rather clean our toilets than vacuum or mop.

looks forward to my husband coming home each afternoon so I can finally get a shower.

must say my prayers and thank God before I can fall asleep at night.

doesn't Twitter, but loves Facebook.

gets grossed out by dog vomit.

gets uncomfortable when Victoria's Secret commercials come when company is over. After all, I live in a parsonage!

thinks it's really hard to break a bad habit like my nail biting. 

thinks there's nothing more attractive in a guy than when he is wearing sweats, a flannel and hanging out at home.

daydreams of being the next American Idol although I can't carry a tune.

Now what about you?
Are you wondering if you're the only one who________?

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