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Friday, November 19, 2010

Joy through a child's eyes

One of the greatest things about living in Tennessee is that we have seasons. Our two large trees in the front yard have finally dropped all of their leaves.  Now the man who does our lawn care comes along to chop up the leaves and gets rid of them.  My son adores "Tractor Man" who has spoiled him all summer with rides.  Today was the last of  Tractor Man for the year.

I think I hear something
Is that a tractor?
I think it's Tractor Man!
It IS Tractor Man!!!!
And yes, we did go outside for that last ride too.

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  1. I love Ben's excitement. His face is all lit up. But I'm impressed that you have a lawn man. I want one of those!!! Hee hee!!! Maybe I'll ask Santa for a Tractor Man. Just kidding! I do love how children are delighted in little things! We can learn a lot from them.


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