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Friday, June 10, 2011

Baking With Ben

When Ben was 2, a good friend who I grew up with was telling me about classes her son started taking when he was classes!  I was so surprised.  I didn't realize a little one could pay attention so well and would actually do good in the kitchen.  So I tried it out.  You know what?  Since we tried it out, he has been my little helper ever since.  He loves to bake. 
Try it with your kids. 
First, get everything set up like they do on cooking shows that you watch on TV.  Get everything pre-measured and in containers that little fingers can grab.  I even crack open eggs and put them in a plastic mug so it will be easy for him to dump. 
Next, get your child so they are at a level that is easy for them to work. Here, I have Ben set up on a high stool up against the counter top. It may be easier to put them in their high chair or at the family dinner table. 
Then, I point to whatever the recipe calls for and let him put it in the bowl.  He likes to stir the mixture too. 
The best part is licking the spoon afterward, but make sure there aren't any raw eggs in your mixture.  Raw eggs can contain salmonella and make you sick.  
When it comes to putting things in the oven or taking it out, that is for grown ups or big, big kids to do.  Always be cautious with little people around an oven...and teach them to not play with the door.
Have you tried to cook with your little person?  How did it go?  Do you have a favorite thing that you make together?  


  1. Hey! For Clark's 4th b-day he baked the cake all by himself. He even cracked his own eggs! He had so much fun. I love cooking with my kids. They love using the blender when we make smoothies. Favorite thing to make with kids: chocolate chip cookies. The raw cookie dough constantly disappears when I put it on the cookie pan. ;-)

  2. I love that! Go Clark!
    I don't think cookie dough would have a chance to become cookies in my home.


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